Mission Statement:

The mission of the Cape Canaveral Volunteer Fire Department is to provide the city of Cape Canaveral, the Canaveral Port Authority, and the unincorporated area of Avon by the Sea with trained professional personnel to protect life, property, and the environment in an economical, expedient, and competent manner.

Our History:

The Cape Canaveral Volunteer Fire Department (CCVFD) was chartered by the State of Florida in April 1962 as a non-profit Corporation. The CCVFD is a combination Fire Department comprised of highly trained volunteers and paid members.

The CCVFD is under contract to provide fire and non-transport Advanced Life Support Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to both the City of Cape Canaveral and the Canaveral Port Authority. In addition to this, under agreement with the Brevard County Board of County Commissioners, the CCVFD provides the same protection to the unincorporated tract of land to the south of the City known as Avon by the Sea. The CCVFD also maintains Mutual Aid and Auto Aid Agreements with neighboring communities thereby providing additional protection in mutual times of need.

In the early years, the CCVFD responded to fire and motor vehicle crashes only. First Aid was taught to the members to enable them to care for fellow firefighters in the event of injury. In the following years, many advances were made in the area of EMS, primarily pre-hospital Advanced Life Support (ALS), thus the urgent need for this high quality care was realized. To answer this need, the CCVFD, in February 1990, became licensed by the State of Florida to provide non-transport ALS care. To continue to meet this need, the CCVFD has adopted an aggressive program of training its members in the field of EMS. Because of this philosophy, the department is able to dispatch highly trained and skilled Paramedics and EMTs to any medical emergency. The CCVFD responds to well over 2,200 emergency calls per year while maintaining an average response time of three (3) minutes. Of these, EMS makes up approximately 80% of the total call volume.

In past years, volunteer personnel received financial compensation on a per call basis. This practice was eliminated quite some time ago and replaced with a successful educational assistance program. This program ensures the highest levels of educational readiness and further helps to recruit seriously dedicated, motivated, and confident volunteer personnel. Two nights per week are dedicated to training. New members serve a probationary period in which an intensive training program covering all aspects of firefighting/EMS must be successfully completed prior to becoming a regular member. Members are encouraged and provided the opportunity to continue their Fire/EMS education by completing course work towards Fire Science and EMS Degrees at the Florida State Fire College and various other institutions around the country. All training sessions are conducted in both a classroom setting and/or actual “hands on” evolutions.

The CCVFD is an organization consisting of highly trained and motivated members. Our vast human and material resources enable us to provide the appropriate response to any situation. The CCVFD welcomes those with the dedication necessary to continue fulfilling our vital role to the public and we invite those interested to explore the rewarding opportunities our Department has to offer.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. My Son was rescued by your squad out of a car that he was locked in
    Yesterday. I can’t even begin to thank you enough for being so quick and professional. The least I can do is make a donation. Please provide me with the details.
    My husband and I will never forget what your squad did for us.
    Harry’s parents.
    Lauren and Andrew Scardino.


    1. It was indeed our pleasure to serve your family. You may make your donation to Cape Canaveral volunteer fire department Inc. and mail to or deliver it to 8970 Columbia road Cape Canaveral Florida 32920.


  2. We’re from Tennessee and our son was stung by a jellyfish this summer while on vacation. Your response team did and amazing job calming him down. We GREATLY appreciate all your help. Thank you for the sincere card. He was tickled to get all the stickers. It made his day. We appreciate all that you do!


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